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antique jewellery box

Antique engraved Jewellery Box

This antique engraved jewellery box is a great and sophisticated gift for any bridesmaid.

£27.99 ~ More info and photos

Oval Compact Mirror

Compact mirror is a universal and a practical gift; it can also be engraved with a message.

£16.99 ~ More info and photos

Heart Trinket Box

This lovely heart trinket box will be appreciated even more if engraved with a personal message.

£14.99 ~ More info and photos

My Day As A Bridesmaid Fold Out Record Book

This beautiful fold out record book is a way for the bridesmaid to remember this special day.

£7.99 ~ More info and photos

Personalised Compact Mirror for a Bridesmaid

Personalised compact mirror for a bridesmaid is a universal gift and can be engraved with a personal message.

£16.99 ~ More info and photos

Engraved Crystal Perfume Bottle

A personalised engraved crystal perfume bottle is a sophisticated and beautiful gift.

£29.99 ~ More info and photos

Shiny Silver Engraved Photo Frame

Bridesmaid can put her photo from the wedding day into this personalised photo frame.

from £17.99 ~ More info and photos

Personalised Mug for a Bridesmaid

This personalised mug for a bridesmaid is a special way to express gratefulness and makes a great and practical gift.

from £9.99 ~ More info and photos

Oval Crystal Vase

Oval crystal vase is a gift that will stay in bridesmaid house for a long time after the wedding.

£39.99 ~ More info and photos

Lipstick Holder with Mirror

Lipstick holder with a mirror is a special gift that can be personalised and is practical at the same time.

from £17.50 ~ More info and photos

Why buy gifts for bridesmaids?

The day of your wedding is almost here, everything is going according to the plan, and there's nothing but details to sort out, oh, what a ride has it been, even though the big adventure is only about to start.

Now let's go back a few months. Who was the first person you told you were engaged? Who was there when you tried on dresses, make up and hair styles, family of course, but you know there's that special someone, to whom you pop a question as well, would you be my bridesmaid, maid of honour? Yes, your good friend was there from the start and has helped you made all this possible, it has been a journey for the both, the tree or even the four of you (depending of how many best friends you have).

It's the end of an era and the beginning of another. Remember all those talks about Mr. Right? All the times you thought you found him and all the others when you convince yourself that he didn't exist? They were there to share a drink in happiness or defeat they had been your companions so far, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. Don't forget to let them know how important of a role they've played in your life, and how you expect them to keep playing it. Try to ensure them that even if something will change, your friendship is as committed as always. Personalised gifts for bridesmaids can help you express this and keep your friendship forever.

On your big day you'll shine and all those who love you will be there to join you and share your happiness, and they'll bring gifts, does it get any better than that, a day of celebration, an ode to love and hope, the first of many first steps on this new path, and an occasion to also celebrate those closest to you. As you may know by this stage of the wedding preparations you don't have to be the only one receiving gifts, gifts for bridesmaids should be given as well, and so should be gifts for flower girls and gifts for mother of the bride and groom. I'm talking about your wedding party, since there's a perfect opportunity for you to show them just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate all they've done and contribute to get you to this point by getting them a personalised bridesmaids gift.

Our range of bridesmaids gifts.

There are gifts for bridesmaids, gifts for flower girls, mother of the groom, and your maid of honour included of course, and best mans, it all depends on what you have in mind, remember that it doesn't have to be a big budget, just make sure it gets done. It's one of those occasions when it's really the thought that counts, especially to your bridesmaids. You can be really generous money wise and knowing them gives you the advantage of choosing the perfect present, or go sentimental and get them something more nostalgic that would remind them of your times together and how you never forget that. If your friends are more in the social concern area, you could even make a donation to their favourite charity in their name.

So which gift do I choose?

There's really much you could choose from, but try to keep it tasteful and sweet, and close to your wedding if it's a themed one. Remember that personalised, engraved bridesmaids gifts never get old and are greatly cherished.
So enjoy your day, and everything about what follows and keep enjoying the company of friends that have proved their value and love for you during this time, make sure they're always there.