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Welcome to Mother of the bride gifts, this page of the Gifts for Bridesmaids website is continously updated with the best ideas for Mother of the bride gifts. Happy shopping!

Personalised Bridal Party Memory Box

Mother Of The Bride Personalised Photo Album

Photo albums are a great gift as they will allow the Mother of the Bride to remember the day for a long time.


Silver/Mother of Pearl Trinket Box

A Trinket Box is a delightful gift, it's very elegant and coated with silver; can be engraved with your message.


Mother Of The Groom Jewellery Box

Every woman loves jewellery, here's a sophisticated and a practical gift for the mother of the groom.


Personalised Mother Of The Groom Compact Mirror

This Compact Mirror can be engraved with a private message and is a very useful gift to the mother of the groom.


Personalised Red Wine

These red ones come with a number of personalised options, they are very tasty and make a long time keepsake.


Pyramind Perfume Bottle

This particular gift is my favourite from our collection, it's a beautiful pyramid perfume bottle.


Ornamental Trinket Box

A very unusual and beautiful gift, felt lined inside and it can be engraved with a message of your choice.


Personalised Mother Of The Bride Compact Mirror

This Compact mirror for the mother of the bride will make a great keepsake.


Choosing the right mother of the bride gift

Mothers of the Bride or Groom have different interests and passions and it would be great if your gift for the mother of the bride could be personalised. I strongly believe that the best way to go around these is to ask the the bride herself or someone else from the family if she has any particular interests, or present her with a couple of options and get help in choosing the best mother of the bride (groom) gift this way.

Why buy Mother of the bride gifts?

Mother of the bride played an important role in brides life, if not her, nothing of this would be possible, she was the one that raised this beautiful bride and I do strongly believe that mothers of the bride/groom deserve a nice, personalised gift, they are the ones that care about good memories and families most. They will appreciate it and keep the gift as a keepsake.